meWelcome to my baking blog. My name is Mandy Drake and I do enjoy a good cake. I am also a consultant paediatrician and a scientist. I spend part of the week in the NHS seeing children with hormone problems. The rest of the time I lead a University research group, focussing on understanding how the environment in early life and the development of obesity affect our health.

We live in a city but are lucky enough to have a small garden, and are proud custodians of a wonderful old cooking apple tree which produces bags of fruit every year. I mention this as there might be a lot of appley recipes. We also grow raspberries, rhubarb, blueberries and blackberries, and we occasionally manage to harvest a few strawberries if the slugs don’t get there first. My husband (let’s call him Mr McGregor) also grows vegetables, while I wage a battle every year to gain control of the flower beds.